You are standing in a queue. The person immediately in front of you steps back and accidentally stomps on your foot with the heel of one shoe. Would you be more hurt if this person were (a) a woman wearing normal flat - soled shoe or (b) a woman wearing high - heeled shoes? Explain your answer wearing assuming that both woman weight the same

Dear student, 

The correct answer will be (b)  a woman wearing high - heeled shoes, will be more hurtful if she stomps on your foot. This is because our feet carry the weight of our body. When we wear flat-soled shoes, the wight is equally spread through the shoe. However, in case of a high heel, the weight is targeted at the heel. 
Also, the pressure applied while stomping on your foot will be more with high-heels as the small surface area (only at the heel) will have greater pressure as compared flat-soled shoe.


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