You are the President of your school theatre club. Your club is organizing a play ‘The
Miser’ to help the victims of earthquake. Design a poster informing students about this
play. Invent necessary details.

Dear Student 
Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- A poster usually has a catchy picture. In this case, the picture could be of The Miser .
- It should have a tag-line or a catchy slogan: " Laughter is the best medicine"
                                                                          " To lift the mood of all alike"
                                                                          " And make you feel happy enough!" 

- A poster that is colourful with bold lettering and a clear message is an effective poster.

- Make a clear margin and write the topic in capitals in the top center.

- Give the date, venue and time of the event.

- Mention that it is a special staging of the play for helping  the victims of earthquake.


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