You cannot remove nail polish using water but can be removed only by using nail polish remover. Why?

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Nail polish remover contains either acetone or acetate. Acetone is usually main ingredient in nail polish remover. When nail polish remover is applied  to a polished nail, the remover breaks down the polish and dilute it, bringing it back to the state it was in before  it was applied to to the nail and dried. It then dissolves the polish from the nail, hence removing it.

In short,  the solvent's molecules (which may be acetone or acetate), get in between the chains of the polymer (the nail polish) and separate them, making it easy to wipe out the polish off with a ball cotton.

On the other hand,  
Nail polish is not removed by using water because polish does not dissolve in water. The water particles are not attracted to the nail polish particles. They remain clumped together. So, we can say that nail polish is insoluble water and has formed a suspension.

That is why nail polish is removed by using nail polish remover not by water.

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