you have gone to a hill station during summer vacation.write a letter to your cousin telling her about your trip

Dear ABC,
I hope my letter finds you in the best of health and cheerful spirits. How is the weather there? Here the weather is quite pleasant.
I am writing to you to share with you myt trip to Shimla during my summer vacations. As you know, summers in Delhi are very scorching. So we all planned to go to Shimla for 10 days. Shimla is undoubtedly known as the queen of the hills. It is really a very beautiful hill station with eye-catching landscapes. Here, the weather was very cool giving us respite from the scorching heat of Delhi. We saw the Ridge which was on Mall Road giving us entire view of Shimla. Then we visited the  Kufri which is known for its tranquil surroundings and made us feel we were in Switzerland. We also went to famous Hanuman Temple on Jakhu Hill where we had to travel on pony on a very thin stony bridge. If you look down, it will make your bones freeze. Next day we decided to stay at Chail, which is a very beautiful resort with exposure to spectacular deodar forests. This letter will fall short of the lovely places I visited in Shimla. 
You should also plan to visit Shimla in next summers. I am sure that even mamaji, mamiji and little archit will enjoy this trip. Convey my regards to mamaji and mamaji and love to Archit. Waiting for your reply.
Your loving brother,

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It was fun.
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ok i will write it and send you the pic
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till then please wait
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