You notice a sense of urgency in the poet's request – what is the reason for this?

When the poet requests for a new script, she asks the reed to give it to her “quickly”. There is a sense of urgency in the poet's request. She says that she needs the quill urgently as her Shahni, her mother tongue (Dogri language), must be looking for her. She is in such hurry probably because she is pregnant with a thought and wishes to jot it down immediately. As her thought is in Dogri language she needs the respective script to do so. So, she asks the stem of the reed for the script quickly, so that not much time is wasted. The poet calls herself a servant of the Dogri language, and so she has to serve best to her Shahni. She wants to keep her happy without any delay. The stem says that it is not just the poet but it also is a servant of her Shahni. So, it cuts off its hand and gives it to the poet.

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