Your name is anil of 15,ABC Road ,Ludhiana. You are a migrant worker and you lost your job during COVID 19 lockdown. You are worried about your family and the essentials. Write a letter to god in 100-120 words mentioning your problems and asking for help ?????!

Dear Student,
Such questions are meant for the enhancement of your creative writing skills. Hence, must be attempted by yourself. Here are some points:
1. I know this letter is a little different from the others that you receive, but then I don't know anyone whom I can trust to answer my questions
2. This pandemic has cost me too much. I have lost a baby to the virus.
I have lost my job. I have no food to eat. My wife is pregnant and she cannot walk for long. My son is crying out of pain. I am homeless.
3. The government says that it has allocated money for people like me but corruption is in the roots and hence I am suffering. 
4. I won't ask you to shower money on me. 
5. Although I will demand from you that you take care of my family and provide me with a job soon so that I can take care of them too.
6. The pandemic has killed millions, I beg you to stop all the negativity of this year and save us all!

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I am from lidhiana and nobody here is doing job
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