Your school has organised a trip to a biscuit factory. Write a letter to your elder brother living in hostel describing him about your trip.

10, Aparna Apartment
Gandhi Marg
New Delhi
5 June 2014

Dear Kapil, 
How are you and your life in the hostel? We miss you so much at home. Please come and visit us whenever you get holidays. I have always shared everything  with you and now that you are not here I feel very sad. Mom says I can write to you and share all my feelings with you.
Last week our school took us to a field trip to a  biscuit factory. We were very excited and happy to go there. All off us love to eat biscuits but we have never seen them being made. On the appointed day we all got into our school bus and went to the factory. Even before we entered the huge gates, we could smell the biscuits. Once inside we could see big churners that were mixing the batter. As we moved ahead we saw the machines making biscuits and throwing them out very fast. It was wonderful to watch equal sized biscuits coming out at that speed.
We were given biscuits to eat and you can't imagine how tasty the fresh biscuits were! We had a good time eating the biscuits. Soon it was time for us to go back and you know what? They gave us huge packets of biscuits to take back home. We all got into the bus and returned to school discussing the process of making biscuits.
I hope I have not bored you with my account. Please come home whenever you can.

Your loving brother


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