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Political Parties

Definition of political parties

In the recent past, do you remember listening to the following  songs on the streets or in your local areas

Puri bahumat deke to dekho...deke to dekho... Aam aadmi ki takat dekho taakat dekho...
Arey poori bahumat deke to dekho ..deke to dekho...Aam aadmi ki takat dekho taakat dekho...
Pehle bhi badla tha...ab bhi badlengay... dilli ka haaaaaa a a a a allll....
Paanch saal kejriwal Kejriwal..Paanch saal kejriwal Kejriwal.. 


Hum modiji ko laane wale hain...achche din aane wale hain ... 

These are some of the catchy songs that were a part of the election campaign of some of the political parties... 

Video : Introduction

But what are these political parties, why do they exist in our country?
We will be finding answers to these questions  as we will be studying about the political parties in detail.
So lets begin by understanding what political parties are. 
However, not every voluntary organisation or group of people is called a political party
There are some typical features of such parties. They are given below : 

​And in different countries there are different types of political systems. They are as follows : 

Video : Political Parties and Features

Political parties can also be classified into two categories based on the types of …

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