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Imparting Education in India

You are Deepika/Dinesh. Write an article for your school magazine on the need for education in India.


Imparting Education in India

Dinesh Kumar


It has been popularly said that the one who opens a school door, closes a door of the prison. Education is the basic necessity of our lives that helps in providing the sense of physical, mental and social well-being. Education ensures one's overall development by providing the necessary knowledge to comprehend and participate in everyday life. It builds one's personality, strengthens the mind and increases knowledge. The growth and development of our country are in direct proportion to/with the quality of education***


Education does not confine to passing school, and earning degrees and certificates. Being educated means being a good person. Education liberates one from prejudices, superstitions*, corruption, disparity, communalism and corruption. It imparts knowledge about one's rights and duties towards the country. An educated person is a sound thinker and a building block in the progress of our country.


Wordsworth called a child “the father of a man”. In other words, a child is the future of our nation. It is important to educate children because education is a continuous and secure process of learning, which ensures a child's comfortable future. Poverty has been one o…

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