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Poem Composition

Poem Composition - Sea

Compose a short poem addressing sea. You may recall or use your imagination to express your feelings when you saw the sea for the first time.


I was standing still

beholding your mighty sight,

I realised my nothingness

in front of your might.


How restless

you were,

so unpeaceful

since ages,

its impossible

to control you

or confine you within cages.


The vast stretch of tranquil turmoil

how restless you have been,

nurturing the effervescent life

in your womb, resting within.

You are the world

within this world,

With an entire life

breathing within you curled.


You come all the way

to meet the shore,

And yet it bids you

adieu from its door.

Watching your determination

so as to teach us…

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