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Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning : Logic is often described as the study of reasoning. It concern itself with Propositions and their components. 

Proposition is a declarative sentence which is either true or false. Like all sentence, it can also be split up into four main grammatical parts:

  1. The subject term
  2. The predicate term
  3. The quantifier
  4. The copula
  1. THE SUBJECT TERM : The subject is that part of proposition about which something is said. 

  2. THE PREDICATE TERM : The part of a sentence, which tells us what the subject is or does.

  3. THE QUANTIFIER : Words 'All', 'No' and 'Some' are called quantifiers because they specify a quantity. 
  4. THE COPULA : Word or a set of Words that connect the subject and predicate of proposition. 

Let us look at the structure of a simple categorical proposition is as given below Quantifier Subject Copula Predicate
1 All birds can fly
2 No foxes are birds

NOTE : The subject and predicate term of a categorical proposition are generally represented by the letters 'S' and 'P' respectively.

Quantity of categorical proposition :
The quantity o…

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