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Theater Concert

Theater Concert-Sample 1

Your school recently hosted a cultural programme in the school premises. Write a review of it based on the given aspects. Type of the cultural programme, Participants, Winners, Viewer's aspect and General Evaluation.


My school hosted a cultural programme in the school premises on Sunday. The programme was organised by the music and dance society of the school. On this occasion, the school building, including classrooms, corridors and playground, was decorated with flowers, frills and lightings. The students of the class VIII decorated the entrance of the school with rangoli. The President of the school core committee was the chief guest on the occasion.

The programme included cultural treats of folk dance, classical instrument and vocal performances and a painting competition. The judge for the competition was Abhinav Pant, the famous artist, popular for his modern art. Alia Siddiqui from grade V won the competition.

The dance and music performances showed the true colour of the rich heritage of India. All the viewers, irrespective of their age groups, enjoyed the performances. The famous Bihu dance performance of Assam caught the special attentio…

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