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  • Group of cells that work together to perform a particular function is called tissue
  • Plant tissues: On the basis of the dividing capacity, plant tissues are of two types: Meristematic and Permanent tissues
  • Meristematic tissues – It consists of actively-dividing cells.

Properties of Meristematic Tissues-

  •  Made up of immature cells or undifferentiated cells.
  • Cell wall is thinner with a prominent nucleus.
  • Their cells are metabolically highly active with a dense cytoplasm.

Meristematic tissues are of three types:


Meristematic Tissue



Apical meristem

Present at the growing tips of stems and roots

To increase the length of stems and roots

Intercalary meristem

Present at the base of leaves or internodes

For the longitudinal growth of plants

Lateral meristem

Present on the lateral sides of the stems and roots

To inc…

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