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    how does the geographical and historical factors influence the diversity of a region ? write the example of ladakh and kerala .give youranswer in a table

    The following points may help you:

    a. When we refer to historical factors, we refer to how past of a particular region affects and impacts its culture. Such a factor influences diversity of a region. For example , Kerala became an important trading centre for Jewish and Arab traders who can then be credited of introducing diverse religions in the state. The state practises Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc. These were historical influences on the region, that is events from the past that impacted it.

    b. When we refer to geographical factors we refer to the location,climatic conditions, relief features of a particular area that again influences its culture. For instance, people residing in hills, mountains would have different eating, clothing habit as compared with people living in plains or near to sea. Like in Ladakh, people graze sheep for wool, wear wool, eat milk, butter, cheese. People own yaks, goats etc.

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