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    identify the underlined words as transitive or intransitive verbs:-​​​​​
    1.the sun shines brightly.ans:intransitive verb
    2.the boy cut his hand with a knife.ans:transitive verb
    3.the clock stopped this morning.ans:intransitive verb
    4.the policeman blew his whistle.ans:transitive verb
    5.the sun rises in the east.ans:intransitive verb
    6.an old beggar stood by the gate.ans:transitive verb
    7.the clock ticks all day long.ans:intransitive verb
    8.I looked down from my window.ans:transitive verb
    9.put away your books.ans:intransitive verb
    10.the moon rose early.ans:intransitive verb
    11.the cat sleeps on the rug.ans:transitive verb
    12.cocks crow in the morning.ans:transitive verb
    13.your book lies on the table.ans:transitve verb
    14.the fire burns dimly.ans:intransitive verb
    15.time changes all things.ans:intransitive verb
    16.we eat three times a day.ans:intransitive verb

    please check and if any thing wrong please explain it oviously.

    Dear student 

    Here are the answers to the incorrect queries. The rest of the sentences are correct. 

    To find out if a verb is transitive, ask the question "what" or "who"

    6. An old beggar stood by the gate. - Intransitive verb (the gate is not receiving an action)
    8. I looked down from my window. - Intransitive verb (the window is not receiving an action)
    9. Put away your books. - Transitive verb ( Answers the question, put away "what") 
    11. The cat sleeps on the rug. - Intransitive verb (The rug is not receiving an action)
    12. Cocks crow in the morning - Intransitive verb (The morning is not receiving an action)
    13. Your book lies on the table - Intransitive verb (The morning is not receiving an action)
    15. Time changes all things. Transitive verb (Answers the question, time changes "what")


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    In some sentences you have not underlined! Else all correct!
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