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    write a letter to your father requesting him to increase your pocket money mentioning proper reasons.​​

    5/3/1B M.M Feeder Road,

    19th​ January,2017

    Dear Father,

    I have a request to you,father.I want you to increase my pocket money for some reasons.
    ​I have to give 30 rupees for the jhum-jhumi as I am selected in the drill.I shall also have to take the project materials.I shall have to buy some clips and bands.I will also have to fill the school fees and take the admistion card for final examination.
    I hope you will do so.Give regards to elders and also tell them that I am fine.

    Your's loving daughter,
    please check the letter given above.

    Dear student,

    The letter is fine. Please find below some minor corrections:

    - Pay school fees instead of "fill"
    - You can start the first line by writing: I would like to request you to increase my pocket money.
    - end by writing "Your daughter"


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