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Description is a factual depiction of a person, object, or event. While depicting an event, experiment or procedure, a step by step representation is required.


Points to remember:

1. Description writing does not follow any format and is written in a paragraph.

2. Heading is an essential part of it and should be short and crisp.

3. The ideas should be systematically presented in short and informative sentences.

4. Although, marks are not deducted for exceeding the word limit, a descriptive paragraph should be written within 80-100 words.

5. Marks may be deducted for grammatical errors and mistakes in the spellings and punctuation marks.

6. Marks are awarded on the content and expression of the write-up. Therefore, special care should be taken to maintain the coherence, accuracy and fluency of the content.

Q. Yesterday you celebrated your birthday in a grand manner. Describe what you did on the day.



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