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Crop Production and Management

Basic Practises Of Crop Production

Cultivation of crops involves several agricultural practises, which are undertaken by farmers over a period of time.

Major practices included in agriculture are as follows:

The basic steps given above for the crop production do not always occur in the same series. The water requirements of different crops are different but as the plants require a regular supply of water, irrigation of crops is carried out on a regular basis. Hence, irrigation is a continuous process, until the crops are ready for harvesting. Most farmers irrigate their crops before or after the application of manures and fertilisers as water makes the nutrients in the manures and fertilisers easily available to the plants.

Soil is made up of small particles of different sizes. Dead plants and animal parts are decomposed by soil organisms. This decomposition process releases various nutrients in soil. These nutrients are absorbed by plants as they are important for the growth of a plant.

Thus, soil is essential for a plant’s growth.

Do you know that air is present in soil?

Take some soil in a container. Add water to the container till the soil gets saturated in it. The…

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