Subject Wise Preparation for Tamil Nadu SSLC Exam

Tamil Nadu SSLC Exam is one of the most important exams with over 10 lakh students from over 11.5 thousand schools appearing in this Board Exam in 2014. With immense competition, no wonder that securing a good rank in the Tamil Nadu SSLC Board Exam is quite tough. A good rank in this examination will not only allow you to join your preferred stream, but also help you lay the founding stone for building a promising career. Subject wise and thorough preparation is extremely vital while preparing for Tamil Nadu SSLC Exam. 3 of the subjects that students usually find hard to prepare are Maths, Science and English. The subjects are divided in different parts with usually different patterns of questions for each part. Systematic study along with thorough preparation is very essential for developing good concept for these subjects. A detailed description as in how the pattern of the question paper is set for English, Maths and Science along with their marks distribution is discussed below:


The Maths paper is one of the most scoring paper amongst all as because with a good preparation you can attain very good marks, at times even 100%. Consisting of two parts, viz. Part A and Part B, the total duration of the exam is around two and half hours. The Part A of the Maths paper comprises of 60 objective type questions with four answers among which one is correct. Carrying one mark each, the answers for the questions are to be written in space provided in the paper itself. Part B of the Maths paper consists of around 16 questions, each questions carrying either two or four marks. Try to move on to Part B by quickly finishing up Part A as soon as you can as these are objective type question and usually takes lesser time to answer.


The Science Paper of the Tamil Nadu SSLC Exam is also quite scoring, but at the same time comprehensive preparation is needed for both Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You have the liberty of giving the exam in either Tamil or English, according to the language you are comfortable with. Total marks awarded in the exam is 100 and the total duration of the exam is around two and half hours. The Science paper is basically divided in four parts. Part A comprises of 20 objective type questions, Part B comprises of 10 short questions carrying one mark each, Part C comprises of around 15 questions carrying 2 marks each and lastly in Part D there are four groups of questions from which you need to answer 8 question which carries 5 marks each. You have to answer at least one question from each group in Part D and provide appropriate diagrams and tables if required.


English is a subject that students appearing in Tamil Nadu SSLC Exam find difficult to score marks in and for that, a systematic approach of preparation is very much required. There two papers in English, each carrying around 100 marks. The duration of the first paper is around two and half hours with a total of 3 sections. Section A consists of around 4 questions and has a format of 3 marks, 5 marks and finally 10 marks question. Section B is the poetry section which carries a total of 32 marks and finally Section C comprises of 3 questions of 5 marks each. The second paper of English contains around four sections in which Section A carries 5 multiple answer questions carrying 1 mark each. Section B is the writing section which includes paragraph writing, precise writing, etc., while Section C contains grammar such as fill up the blanks which carries 2 marks, match the clause which carries 4 marks and so on. The Section D of the second paper of English is for translation and carries a total of 10 marks.

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