1) Consider a heavenly body which has a mass twice that of the Earth and radius thrice that of the Earth. What will be the weight of the book on this heavenly body , if its weight on Earth is 900 N ?

2) Why gravitational force is usually unnoticeable ?

3) Prove that acceleartion due to gravity is independent of mass of the body.

4) How can the average density of the Earth can be determined ?

5) Buoyancy depends on which factors ?

For earth,

Mass of earth = M

Radius of earth = R

Mass of the body = m

Weight on earth is, We = GMm/R2 = 900 N

For the heavenly body,

Mass = 2M

Radius = 3R

So, weight is, Wp = G(2M)(m)/(3R)2

=> Wp = (2/9)(GMm/R2)

=> Wp = (2/9)(900)

=> Wp = 200 N

This is the weight of the object on the heavenly body.


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