1. Fill in the blank with the correct word chosen from the pair given in brackets:-

A) I have three winter coats but ______ of them are new ( neither, none)

B) There are two umbrellas here, but _____ of them is mine. ( neither, none)

C) He owns twelve cows. ______ of them are Jerseys. ( All, both)

D) She has painted dozens of pictures. Have you seen _____________

of them? (Any, either)

E) Amy and Beth are twins. They ______ play the guitar. ( all, both)

F) Two people said “Hello” to me, but I did not recognize _______ them.

( any, either)

G) My wife and I _________ enjoy the classical music. ( all, both)

H) I found all of the questions difficult. Did you answer _____ of them correctly? (

any, either)

I) I asked six different people, but _________ of them knew where Walnut

Street was. ( any, either)

J) I have read five books on the subject, but ___________ of them was very

helpful. ( neither, none)

K) Two wrist watches was left here. Is _______ of them yours? (any, either)

A)  none

B)  neither

C)  All

D)  any

E)  both

F)  either

G)  both

H)  any

I)  the answer should be ‘none’ and not ‘any’ or ‘either’.

J)  none

K)  either

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