1. Frame algebraic expressions for the following:
a. Two times a number increased by three.
b. Twice a number decreased by 7
c. Twice the sum of a number and another number, which is three more than the first
d. Half a number added to 12.
e. 3 times a number subtracted from 8.

Dear Student,
Here is the solution of your asked query:
a) Let the number be x.2 times a number=2xSo 2 times a number increased by 3=2x+3b) Twice a number=2xTwice a number decreased by 7=2x-7c)Let the first number be x.Another number is 3 more than first numberso another number = x+3so twice the sum of a number and another number=2x+x+3d) Half of number=x2Half of number added to 12=x2+12e) 3 times a number=3x3 times a number subtracted from 8=8-3x

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