1) (i) Wax is heated in a china dish. How is the following change during heating ?
a. Kinetic energy of the particle.
b. Intermolecular distance.
(ii) Comment on the following statements.
a. Rate of evaporation of an aqueous solution decreases with increase in humidity.
b. A gas fills the vessel completely in which it is kept.

2) (i) Which Separation technique you will apply for the separation of the following mixtures?
a. Camphor from Sand
b. Metal pieces from the engine oil of a car.
(ii)State the difference between a pure substance and a mixture. Give one example for each.

3) (i)a. Name the technique used to separate pigments from natural Colours.
b. Write  the principle of that technique.
(ii) State two reasons to support that water is a compound.

4) During the separation of sand, common salt and NH4Cl, if in the first step the three has been dissolved in water, what would have been the difficulty in separation ?

5) While doing an experiment to determine boiling point of water, a student heated water in a beaker and observed that when the water starts boiling the temperature remains constant. State the reason. Where does the heat heat go?

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Dear Student,
                         Kindly refer to the following link for similar query.

Q.5.  https://www.meritnation.com/ask-answer/question/while-doing-an-experiment-to-determine-the-boiling-point-of/matter-in-our-surroundings/9639555

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