1-In a forest, trees keep taking nutrients from the soil. Therefore, after sometime, the nutrient level will become so low that growth of trees will suffer. Do you agree? Give reasons.
2-Some green plants are also heterotrophic in nature. True or false?
3-​Plants do not have a digestive system like us. Why do they not need a digestive system?

(1) The nutrients in forests are replenished via natural methods such as rainfall,, weathering, etc. Also, there are many varieties of trees that grow in forests which can fix atmospheric nitrogen and make it available for the plants.
(2) Yes, there are some green plants that are hetrotrophic. Example: Insectivorous plants
(3) Plants synthesize their own food in a very simple form,  glucose which they do not need to digest further . Glucose enters into cells and oxidise to provide energy. Thus, they do not need to have digestive system.

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