1. Unscramble the jumbled words in the following statements.
​ a.Yeasts are used in the wine industry  because of their property of

  Give reasons for the following:
a. Fresh milk is boiled before consumption while the processed milk stored in packets can be consumed without boiling. 
b. We should avoid standing close to the tuberculosis patient while he/she is coughing. 

​3. Given below are the methods of food preservation .Think and write any two disadvantages of using preservatives.
High temperature -  Heating
Low temperature -  Chilling, freezing
Reduced water activity - Drying, curing, conserving
Increased acidity - Acid addition or formation
​Reduced redox potential - Removal of oxygen or addition of ascorbate
Bio preservatives - Competitive flora such as microbial fermentation
Other preservatives - Sorbates, sulfites, nitrites 

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1. a. Fermentation

2. a. The milk in the packets is pasteurized before packing. Also, the packets are airtight and do not allow microbes to enter inside which prevents milk from spoiling. This is why it can be consumed without boiling.

b. Tuberculosis is a communicable disease and can spread by air. When the person is coughing, the fine droplets containing the causal agent of the disease will be released into the air. This can cause the disease in other people. This is why we should not stand close TB patient while he/she is coughing.
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