1. what r true solids and pseudo solids?

2. why crystalline solids are true solids and amorphous solids r pseudo solids?

1. True solids- These are the solids which have a definite melting point and definite arrangement of atoms. They also have definite volume. Example: crystalline solids

Pseudo solids – These are the solids which do not melt sharply and get distorted by bending and compressing. Example: Amorphous solids. These solids have a tendency to flow without undergoing a sharp change into liquid state.

2. Crystalline solids are true solids, have a regular arrangement of particles (long range order) whereas amorphous solids have an irregular arrangement of particles ( short range order). Due to this, crystalline solids are true solids and amorphous solids are  pseudo solids.

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amorphous solids do not have long range order and they have the property to flow like a liquid but we cant say it as fluid since the rate of flow is so so so slow that we cant observe it just by waiting in front of the solid to flow hence these are similar to solids but since they flow hence are called pseudo solids

pseudo means that something that does occur but we cant observe it

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