11.A ________ is any natural elevation of earth surface with small simmit and board base.

12._______ mountains are formed due to volcanic activities

13.The_________mountain range in India is one of the oldest fold mountain system in the world.

14.Mountains may be arranged in a line known as ________

15. The Alps mountains are located in ____________

16.The Andes mountains are located in ________.

17. The wearing away of the earth's surface is called________.

18. Broadly, we can group different landforms de pending on elevation and slope as ________ and ________.

19.Most of he _________are formed by rivers and their tributaries.

20.The height of the tibet platue is ______to________meters above the mean sea level


2-volcanic mountains

3-aravali range



6-south america


8-mountains and plateaus

9-river plains

10-4000 to 6000

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