4 September 2002, 11.53 pm tomorrow Is the first day of school and I
don't think it will ever be able to fall asleep. I am anxious, excited
nervous, somewhat frightened, and rather nauseated. There ore 126
new eighth grade students to meet tomorrow. They are 126 young and
impressionable people for whom I will be responsible. I need todiscover all of their names, personalities, and learning styles in order
to find the most effective means to teach them science.
It is all very overwhelming. I was Just lying in bed, in an
unsuccessful. attempt to sleep, thinking about the huge responsibility
they will face tomorrow morning. I keep rehearsing what I have
planned to do with the students for the first day. I have stood in front
of the mirror and practiced just to see what I look like while I am
teaching. I have spent nearly every weekday for the past two weeks in
my classroom to make sure 1 have everything set up. I have outlined
the entire school year mapped out approximate time frames for each
unit I will teach, and thoroughly planned my lessons for the first two
weeks of school, and still, I just cannot relax!
Overall, I am more excited than anything, it is the first day of my first
year teaching. It is what I have studied for, planned for, and dreamed
about for the last few years. I will be able to apply everything I have.
learnt in my college doors as a student teacher, and as a substitute
teacher in my very own class. I hope that I can convey to my students
my love for science. My goal is to have all of them actively involved
in my class and inquiring about their world. I will begin to make that
goal a reality in less than eight hours!
This is a milestone in my career. I have attempted to capture the
emotions that I am experiencing tonight the anticipation, wonderment,
and trepidation of a new science teacher. Now, I just hope I can falll
ACTIVITY Analyzing emotions
The diary writer takes great care to analyse her emotions and describe
them as truthfully as possible.
1. a. What words does the writer use to describe her emotions?
b. Which do you think are the most effective words and why?
a. Why does the writer describe her actions over the past weeks
so carefully?
b. How do they help us to understand her state of mind? c. Choose two examples of her actions during the run-up to her
first day as a teacher and explain-in detail what they tell us
about her.
d Do you think she will make a good teacher? Or do you think
that she may be disappointed with her first experience of
being a 'real' teacher. Explain your views.
ACTIVITY understanding vocabulary
Explain the meaning of each of the following words as it is used
in the extract.
1. nauseated
2 impressionable
3 overwhelming
4 inquiring
5 milestone
6 trepidation

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