A ball of mass 10 g is initially moving with a velocity of 50 m/s. On applying a constant force for 2 sec, it acquires a velocity of 70 m/s. With the help of this information, please answer the following questions:-
1. The initial momentum of ball is
a) 2 kg m/s. b) 5 kg m/s c) 7 kg m/s d) 0.5 kg m/s
2. The final momentum of ball is
a) 0.7 kg m/s b) 0.5 kg m/s c) 0.3 kg m/s d) 2 kg m/s
3. The rate od change of momentum is
a) 0.1 N b) 0.2 N c) 0.3 N d) 5 N
4. The acceleration of the ball is
a) 20 m/s2 b) 30 m/s2 c) 15 m/s2 d) 10 m/s2
5. The magnitude of force applied is
a) 0.2 N b) 0.1 N c) 0.3 N d) 0.7 N

kindly help me with the proper steps.

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