a body of mass 2kg is thrown up at a velocity of 10m/s.find the kinetic energy of the body at the time of throw. also find the potential energyof the body at the highest point(g=10)

m=2 kg
Initial velocity, u=10 m/s
Kinetic energy will be given by
K=12mv2=12×2×102=100 JNow,g=10m/s2At highest point, v=0Using relation,v2-u2=2gh0-100=2 ×(-10)×hh=5 mPotential energy, P=mgh=2×10×5=100J

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m=2kg, u=10m/s, v=0, g= -10m/s2

we know that, v=u+gt

therefore, 0= 10-10*t = -10=-10*t = 10= 10*t

therefore, t=1s

now h= ut+1/2gt2

h= 10*1+1/2* -10*1

= 10-5=5m

therefore, potential energy= mgh

= 2*10*5=100J

Kinetic energy= 1/2*m(v^2-u^2)

= 1/2*2*(0-100)= -100J

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