A boy read 3/4 th of the book on one day and 4/5th of the remainder on aonther day. If there were 30 pages unread: How many pages did contain ?

Let the total no of pages be x
And the three fourth of the book is 3/4 of x = 3x/4
He read 3/4th of the book, so the pages left = x- 3x/4 = x/4
So the remainder = x/4
He read 4/5th of the remainder on the next day so 4/5th  of x/4 = x/5
Since 30 pages are unread
so we have
x-(3x/4) - (x/5) = 30
x1-3x4-x5=30or taking LCM of 4,5,1 we get 20, so20x-15x-4x20=30x20=30x=600So the number of pages is 600 pages.

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20%=30 PAGES

100%= 150 pages

So it contain 150 pages

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