A car is travelling at 60km/hr . Its wheels all of the same size make 1000 revolutions per minute. Find the diameter of wheel

Let 'd' be the diameter of the wheel of the car. Since the circumference of one wheel is equal to one revolution, we have 1 space r e v o l u t i o n equals pi cross times d T h u s comma space 1000 space r e v o l u t i o n space equals space 1000 pi d Since the speed of the car is 60 km/h, in one hour it travels 60 km. That is, the car travels 1 km in one minute. That is, the speed of the car is 1 km per minute. In one minute the distance covered by the car = 1 km. That is,

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let 2r be the dia
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diametre is 10 cm
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