"A challenge is an opportunity for progress " support the statement with your arguments.

A challenge is an opportunity for progress.The statement reveals the idea that a challenge should not be taken as a difficulty or hardship always. There is an opportunity for progress also behind the challenge if we can overcome the challenge.Once we succeed in overcoming it we can rise up to a higher level of progress.  

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Which set did you get?
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Set 2 I got Rohan
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Actually I'dd set 1 . N same question was there in my question paper ..so plz anybody else who can help us ?
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Whats the answer guys me too finding answer of this
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Well I think it is about the challenge s faced by democracy like foundational, expansion, deepening of democracy
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I do not know the answer
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I got set 2. I wrote:
​A challenge is a significant difficulty that can be overcome and this brings a democracy to a higher level than before, thus creating progress for the country and making it a better democratic nation.
Example: After passing the foundational challenge of democracy, a nation can then move on to expand their demoracy and deepen it. This is progress. Is that correct?
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