A City school is organizing Annual sports event in a rectangular shaped ground ABCD. The tracks are being marked with a gap of 1 m each in the form of straight lines. 120 flower pots are placed with a distance of 1 m each along AD. Shruti runs 1/ 3 rd of the distance in the second line along AD and post her flag. Saanvi runs1/ 5th the distance AD in the eighth line and posts her flag.
(i) The distance between the two flags is
(a) 2 73 units (b) 3 73 units ( c) 273 units (d) 73 units
(ii) If Reena has to post the flag exactly halfway between the line segment joining the two flags, the coordinates where she should post her flag are:
(a) 2,40) ( b) 2,30) ( c) 5,32) ( d) 10,64)
(iii) The coordinates where Shruti posts her flag are:
(a) 2,40 ) (b) 40,2) ( c) ( 2,30) d(3,40)
(iv) The coordinates where Saanvi posts her flag are:
(a) 3,40) (b) 24,8) ( c) 5,32) (d)  8,24)
(v) If Suman post her flag at the position (5,10) , then the distance ofher flag from the origin is :
(a) 2 5 units (b) 3 5 units ( c) 5 5 units (d)none of these


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