A gas is filled in the glass bulb of capacity 10 litre as shown in figure at 300 K
Density of glycerin = 2.72 g/ml.
Density of mercury = 13.6 g/ml

Now, select the correct statement(s) among the following:
(A) pressure of the gas is 3.28 atm.
(B) pressure of the gas is 0.342 atm.
(C) moles of the gas in the bulb are 0.34
(D) moles of the gas in the bulb are 1.33

Dear Student,

1 atm = 760 mmHg760 mmHg =mm glycerine(density of glycerinedensity of Hg)760 mmHg =mm glycerine(2.7213.6)or, mm glycerine , P0= 3800 mmHgPgas =P0-h         =3800 mm-2.5×103 mm         =3800-2500         =1300 mmor, Pgas=13003800=0.34 atmNowPV=nRTor, n=PVRTor, n=0.34×100.0821×300=0.138 molHence, correct answer is (B)

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Here is the corrcct pic

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