a meteor makes a streak of light when it falls on d earth. Do u think it would look d same when falling on d moon???? Plzz ans. Fst 2morrow is my exam.. I'll give a thumbs up who'll an. D ques....

 When the meteor falls on the earth, it creates a fire and we see the light of that fire.

As oxygen is required for burning and there is no oxygen on the moon, thus fire wont occur on the moon and we cannot see the light when the meteor strikes it. But even if we talk about extraordinary cases, if the meteor itself was composed of gases, and created a fire on the moon, we will see only a small part of that light as the atmosphere will absorb a large part of that light.

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No ... it will not coz there is no air on moon which will cause an air resistance on the object..

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 the meteor burns beacause of friction. dueto firction the meteor heats up and burns and we see streak of light. as mr. yahoo said it is correct that for burning oxygen is must. so he give an accurate answer.

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