A paper delivery boy wants to park his cycle at some point P and deliver the newspaper to houses A and B. Where should he park so that his walking distance AP+BP will be least?? please refer page number 271 of the 6th NCERTMathematics Book for the figure.

Answer :

We can find that point " P "  As :

With the help of reflectional symmetry here. Let A' be the image of A in the mirror line which is the street here.
We join line A'B and line A'B intersect our street line at  " P " .  So,

The point P is the ideal place to park the cycle  ,  As AP  +  BP is least  .

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you can use reflectional symmetry here let A' be the mirror image of A in the middle line which is the street here then he should park it in the middle of the point A and point B on the point where the reflectional symmetry cuts the line of reflection
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