a ray incident on a plane mirror is reflected in a direction such that the angle between the incident and the reflected ray is 90 degree.what are the angles of incidence and reflection?

We know that angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection.

Angle form between the incident and reflected ray= 90 degree {Given}

Let the angle of incidence be y and angle of reflection be also y {as angle of incidence = angle of reflection}

y+y= 90

or, 2y = 90

or, y = 90/2

or y = 45 degree

So angle of incidence and angle of reflection are both 45 degrees each

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angle of incidence = 45 degree( half of 90)

angle of reflection = 45 degree

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The laws of reflection states that angle of incicdence is equal to the angle of reflection.

So, the angle of  incicdence = 45o ( which is half of 90o)

angle of reflection = 45o

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