a rhombus sheet whose perimeter is 32 m and whose one diagonals is10 m long is painted on both sides at the rate of RS 5m square(2) ,find the cost of painting??


Given, perimeter of rhombus sheet = 32m

⇒ 4 (side) = 32m

⇒ side = 8m

So, the side of rhombus is 8m.

We know that the diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other at right angle.

So, in right triangle OAB, we have

Area of rhombus = (product of diagonals) = (AC × BD)

Given, cost of painting = Rs 5/m2

∴ cost of painting 2 side of rhombus sheet = 2 [Area of rhombus × cost of painting per m2]

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