A section of root nodule of chick pea appears pinka.    What is this colour due to?
b.    What does it do in the nodule?
c.    Explain very briefly, the process of biological nitrogen fixation in the nodule.

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​a. Pink colour of nodule is due to the presence of pigment leg haemoglobin. 
b. Since the nitrogenase enzyme is inhibited in presence of oxygen, the nodule has adaptation that ensures that the enzyme is protected from the oxygen. The nodule contains a pigment called leg haemoglobin, an oxygen scavenger, which protects the oxygen-sensitive enzyme nitrogenase.
c. Reduction of nitrogen to ammonia by living organisms is called biological nitrogen fixation. Certain prokaryotes are able to fix nitrogen because the enzyme nitrogenase is present exclusively in them.
N ≡ N NH3

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