(a) where are genes located?

(b) what is gene?

(c) what is the nature of genes?

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Genes are located on chromosomes. They are linear segment of DNA which codes for proteins. They are basic unit of hereditary. They are the means of passing characters/ traits to one generation to other. They can be dominant or recessive depending upon how they express themselves.

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GENES are located on chromosomes...

A section of D.N.A. WHICH PROVIDE INFORMATION SOURCE for a protein is called the GENE of thaat PROTEIN

GENES are expressed when they are influenced by maternal and paternal traits (the one which is dominant)

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 Genes are located in chromosome in the cell.

gene is a material which contains genetic information and it passes to the baby during fertilisation.

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in cromosomes 

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 Genes are located in the chromosomes of a cell. 

It contains information about a protein.

It comes in two types, i.e., dominant and recessive.

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located on a chromosome of cell

it is a unit of DNA which governs the synthesis of protein and controls characteristic of an organism.

genes work in pairs.

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