A wire is bent in the form of an equilateral triangle PQR of side 10 cm and carries a current of 5 A. It is placed in a magnetic field B of magnitude 2 T directed perpendicularly to the plane of the loop. Find the forces on the three sides of the triangle and also the net magnetic force on the loop.

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Magnetic force is given by, F=IBlsinθ
Magnetic field is perpendicular to the length of wire, so θ=90°
Magnetic force on side QR,
F1=IBlsin90°=5×2×0.1=1 N (direction shown in figure)
Magnetic force on side PR,
F2=IBlsin90°=5×2×0.1=1 N (direction shown in figure)
Magnetic force on side PQ,
F3=IBlsin90°=5×2×0.1=1 N (direction shown in figure)
Net magnetic force,
Resultant of F1 and F2F'=F12+F22+2F1F2cos120°=1+1-1=1 N direction shown in figureResultant of F' and F3F=1-1=0
So, net magnetic force the loop is zero.


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