A wizard having the powers of mystic in candations and magical medicines seeing a cock fight going on, spoke privately to both the owners of the cocks. To one he said; if ur bird wins then you give me your stake money but if you don't win i shall give you two third of that.Going to the other he promised in the same way to give 3/4th . from both of them his gain could only be 12 gold coins. find the stake of money of each of the cock-owners have.

Let the stake of money first owner has = x

and the stake of money second owner has = y.


Case 1: First owner wins and seconds owner loss.

Money got by wizard

Given, he gain only 12 coins.

Case 2 : First owner loss and second owner wins 

Money got by wizard

On adding (1) and (2), we get

Hence, the first owner has 42 coins and second owner has 40 coins.

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