ABC and BDE are two equilateral triangles such that D is the midpoint of BC .AE intersects BC in F.prove that::

  1. ar(triangle BDE)=1/4 ar(triangle ABC)
  2. ar (triangle BDE)=1/2 ar(triangle BAE)
  3. ar (triangle BFE)= 2ar(triangle FED)
  4. ar(triangle FED)=1/8 ar (triangle AFC)
  5. ar(triangle ABC)=2ar(triangle BEC)
  6. ar(triangle BFE)=ar (triangle AFD)
  7. ar(triangle BFE)=2ar(triangle EFD)

Dear Student!

The solution is provided in the NCERT Solutions of this chapter. Refer to exercise 9.4, Q5.

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