According to 2017-2018 data, the share of different sectors in employment (percentage) in India was

Primary Sector -44%

Secondary Sector -25%

Tertiary Sector -31%

Out of the three sectors, why did the ratio of employment in the Primary Sector high?

Select the most suitable option from the following:

A.Workers in the Primary Sector are underemployed

B.Low job opportunities in the Secondary Sector

C.Efforts of labor are not equivalent in all the sectors

D.Outsourcing of job opportunities in Secondary Sector

Dear Student
Option A  is correct.The primary sector continues to be the largest employer because:
(1) Enough jobs have not been created in other sectors.
(2) No more competition in the primary sector.As they have their ancestral farming lands.
(2) Primary sector requires comparatively less education than the other two sectors.
(3) Most of the unemployed people take up activities of primary sector in hope of earning some money.

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