activity to show that gases are highly compressible than solids and liquids ?

AIM-To show that gas are more compressible than liquid and solid

MATERIIAL REQUIRED - Syringe(100 ml, two),Rubber cork


    • Try to push the piston into s.
    both the syringes with almost equal forse. see what happen.
  •  Insert a nozzle in each syringe into a rubber cork
  • Pull out the Piston from boththe syringes.
  • Fill one of the with with water.Let other syringe have air inside it.
  • Insert piston in both the syringes.


  • The piston can be easily pushed inside the syringe that  contained air.
  • The piston in the syringe filled with with water cannot be pusshed inside.


  • GAS are highly compressible.
  • LIQUIDS are incompressible. 

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the smell of lightened incense stick raeches you several meters away but to get the small from unlit incense stick you have to go close .why?

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activity to show that gases are highly compressible than solids and liquids ?

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buy a syringe from a nearest medical store which will cost you about 2-5 rupees then pull the piston of the syringe to its maximum extent. Now seal the mouth of the syringe with a tape such that nothing can come out of its mouth when the piston is pushed. now start pushing the piston up to a maximum extent (as much as ur fingers can tolerate).now repeat the activity with water. and also with sugar (by filling the syringe with sugar).
what you will see is that the compression in case of gases is easiest and maximum,followed by liquid(water),then by solids(sugar).
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the fire extinguisher has the co2 compressed in a solid container
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it is because the intermolecular space is more in gases and the force of attraction is very less, thus the partials start moving freely and thus they are compressible
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