adsortion ,absorption,sorption is exothermic or endothermic.........n explain y is it ?

though adsorption is exothermic in nature but both sorption and absorption are endothermic in nature ok,,,,,

adsorption is exothermic because during this process the residual forces on the surface of the adsorbent decreases which decreases the surface energy and this appears in the form of heat called heat of adsorption and therefore it is exothermic in nature 

but in case of both absorption and sorption,,heat is required in order to make the particles get settled and hencce both are endothermic in nature

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hi swati,manpreet here.I read your question of getting notes of physics and chemistry.As i tell to dakshi that notes cannot completely help us.But as you tell that our school teachers order us to make important notes.I am also suffering from this problems. ok now i am telling you that what my teachers tell us to make notes.

i always read pradeep publications book as preffered by my school.if you want to make notes from any book then leave the simple definitions,and only write some complex definitions,and the most important thing which are laws write the laws and some numericals related to it.for example in chemistry , chapter alcohols phenols and ethers write all functional groups,their iupac names etc. do same as in physics.

for better understanding click on a site register here for free and download theory notes from cbse board options it will help you a lot because their way of teaching is completely different.try it also try for physics.thanks hoe it will help you.if you dont like my suggestions then tell me i will try to make my suggestions more strong.

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Sahi hai
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according to le chatelier princpal it is a exothermic process
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