although rayon is obtained from a natural source,wood pulp,yet it is a man-made fibre.give reasons.

Yes rayon is a man-made fibre and different from other synthetic fibres. Rayon is manufactured regenerated cellulose fibre (wood pulp). The Cellulose is treated with alkali and carbon disulfide to yield viscose rayon. Because it is produced from naturally occurring polymers and also chemically processed, it is neither a truly synthetic fibre nor a natural fibre; it is a semi-synthetic fibre. Rayon is known by the names viscose rayon and art silk in the textile industry.

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natural sources are raw material require to make rayon...... it appear like silk by adding chemicals thats why it is called man made............because human made this fibre

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rayon is obtain from natural source yet it ia a man made fibre

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Although rayon is obtained from a natural source, wood pulp, yet it is a man-made fibre  because chemical processing is required/done with the wood pulp but natural fibres are those which do not need any chemical processing with them.

Hope your doubt is clear !;-) 

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Although rayon is made from a natural source source ( wood pulp ), it is a man made fibre as the wood pulp is chemically treated to be processed into rayon.

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