Alveoli short note

Alveoli is a plural form of alveolus which is the primary site of gaseous exchange inside the lungs. Basically alveolus is a hollow space which is supplied with blood capillaries for gaseous exchange on either side of the lungs. These alveolus have an average diameter of 200 microns and approx. 700 millions alveoli are found in a pair of lungs.

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The oxygen exchange in the lungs takes place across the membranes of small balloon-like structures called alveoli attached to the branches of the bronchial passages. These alveoli inflate and deflate with inhalation and exhalation.It takes some effort to breathe in because these tiny balloons must be inflated, but the elastic recoil of the tiny balloons assists us in the process of exhalation. If the elastic recoil of the alveoli is compromised.

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