an element e combines with oxygen to form an oxide EO2 which is a good conductor of electricity.answer the following

1)how many electrons will be present in the outer most shell of E

2)write the formulaof the compound formed when it combines with Chlorine

1) Element E combines with oxygen to give a compound EO2. Elements react to complete their octet. Since this element is reacting with two oxygen atoms each sharing two electrons with E thus E must be having only 4 electrons in the valence shell . E completes its octet by sharing 4 electrons with two O atoms.

2) E has 4 valence electrons, so it need 4 more electrons to complete its octet. Chlorine atom has 7 valence electrons, so it needs one more electron to achieve noble gas configuration. Thus E atom will share its four valence electrons with four chlorine atoms to form ECl4 molecule . 

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